Receding Hairline Haircuts – The Best Hairstyles for Men

Receding Hairline HaircutsHair loss is a common thing and happens to everyone at some point in their lives. However, once it starts to happen, not all is lost, and there are plenty of ways to manage you receding hairline, including receding hairline haircuts and special hair growing creams. Hair loss can be attributed to many factors and is not entirely your fault. Individuals begin to lose hair because of genetics, health and using a number of hair products such as shampoo and condition can even contribute to the loss of your hair.
Despite this, the most common factor is old age, and some may be unlucky enough to start going bald at the age of 19!

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Many men and women will try loads of ways to regrow there hair and there are many options available, some which can be very expensive, including a special pill which promises instant hair growth. Of course, like many medication, these type of pills may have some nasty side effects, so maybe it is best to stick to the basic options, such as haircuts. In some cases, you may have also seen some rich celebrities get hair transplants to give themselves natural looking hair. This is also an unrealistic attempt for most people as this type of procedure can cost millions of dollars depending on what you are after.

Getting a receding hairline haircut can be the simplest and best possible option to cover up, or at least style, your receding hairline. There are a number of creative haircuts that enable you to hide your receding hairline and hair cutting is also a natural alternative to solutions such as pills and cream. It is all about choosing the best haircut and there are a number of correct options that you should consider using. The cut is going to depend on your hairline and whether you are going to want to use your widow’s peak as the main style piece or just shave the whole lot off. It is up to you to decide which one is the best for you and this article will later show you some of the best receding hairline cuts that you can use to cover up that balding head and receding hairline. On a side note, it is recommended that you do not use a ton of product in your hair when styling it to cover a receding hairline as this can leave it clumpy and expose your scalp, and please do not use the “old school” comb over, use the one later suggested in this article.


What haircut is best for receding hairline?

There are a number of receding hairline haircuts you can apply to your head to give you the best results, and make that receding hairline look stylish and fresh. They are a bunch of options, but by far the best option is to take a razor to your head and shave the hair down really thin, either committing to a buzz cut or a clean shave. This might sound a little mad for someone who previously or still has really thick hair, but it is the easiest and most disguisable way to remove any sign of balding. Unfortunately, most men will let their hair grow long in the hope it will improve the receding nature of their hair.

However, in most cases, this only leads to less hair around the crown area and makes the balding even more noticeable.

The buzz cut is slightly different to the clean shave, and involves cutting your hair really short and the same length all around the head. Couple this haircut with some facial hair and you have yourself a sexy receding hairline haircut.


What haircut is best for receding hairline

The last resort option and another excellent method is the clean shave, which is similar to the buzz cut but involves shaving all the hair off. This cut is perfect for any man who has got a particularly obvious receding hairline and has tried all other options. This type of cut can give you a bad boy look and, once again, if you couple this with a beard you can look incredibly attractive.
Celebrities like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Daniel Craig all use these haircuts and they are the best way to cover up and remove your hairline.


How should I cut my hair with a receding hairline?

There are a number of other great receding hairline haircuts you can use to hide and cover up your balding head, and some do not involve the standard buzz cut or clean shave, even if these are the two best haircuts for receding hairlines. Other common haircuts include the very popular short back and sides, which comes in a number of variations when it comes to using the widow’s peak as a centrepiece.

One of these and probably one of the more popular choices is the faux hawk haircut, which involves cutting the sides shorter than the top and using the top as the centre piece, using the receding hairline as an advantage. The cut is a short and subtle but very effective.

The most famous yet avoided receding hairline haircut is the comb cover, but not the old school Prince Charles type comb over. There is a special way to do the comb over and it involves using the lowest point in your hair’s part line, leveraging it to give your hair some artificial weight. A third receding hairline haircut you can use to hide your balding, is the short slicked back haircut, which, again, involves cutting the hair short at the sides and slicking the front back over the top of your head. This style is neat and suits almost every man, and should be cut and styled in a way that takes weight off the top and draw attention away from the hairline.

Another famous haircut and one that is inspired from the military is the regulation cut, and this one can be an alternative if you want to keep more hair on your head. The regulation is a more defined version of the comb over but involves giving the hair a little more rise, and uses scissor-cut lines to achieve a unique, quality style.

A receding hairline is never a good thing and there are plenty of ways you can cover it up. By far the best and simplest way to go about it, is by getting a receding hairline haircut, and there are a number you can choose from.

The best option and one that normally works for everyone is the buzz or clean shave, as these are no-nonsense and often work for everyone.

However, if you want to keep your hair and style it, choose a variation of the short back and sides.